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Pathways to Graduation

TreeFort Teens go on to have successful futures, including college and careers!  More and more colleges are looking for unique experiences that set applicants apart, and our graduates have an abundance of those.  In addition, our focus on physical and mental well-being, plus our emphasis on jobs and internships, creates well-rounded adults with the skills and experience necessary to navigate a changing workforce after college or even straight out of high school!

TreeFort offers three pathways to graduation:

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Option One:  TreeFort Certificate of Mastery

We have mapped out the skills we believe each of our teens will need in order to be successful in their early adult life.  Teens can earn badges in each of our skills, and teens who complete all the upper-level badges receive an official TreeFort Certificate of Mastery.  Teens who pursue this option often apply to college using a portfolio rather than a transcript.  Advisors help teens create portfolios, find colleges that are willing to accept them, and complete the application process.  Other teens may use their portfolio to apply to a gap-year program, or add skill badges and certificates to their resume in order to get a job.


Option Two:  Traditional High School Diploma

TreeFort partners with North Atlantic Regional High School to help teens adapt their non-traditional learning experiences into a traditional, accredited high school transcript, complete with grades and credits.  This is a great option for teens who want to use the Common Application to apply to large universities.  Teens are welcome to earn both the TreeFort Certificate of Mastery AND a traditional high school diploma from NARHS.


Option Three:  Do Your Own Thing

TreeFort Teens are legally homeschoolers, which means you get to decide when you are ready to move on!  Some teens may find that they can achieve their goals for early adulthood without any official pieces of paper, and we fully support families who choose this route.  Teens who decide they are ready to move into the next phase of life get to walk across the stage and graduate alongside their fellow learners who have chosen more traditional routes.  TreeFort holds graduation ceremonies at Exhibition Nights four times a year.

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