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Our Schedule


Year-Round Sessions

TreeFort offers four 10-week learning sessions each year.  Each session ends with a public Exhibition Night.

Upcoming sessions:

Summer 2022:  July 11 - September 15*

Fall 2022:  October 10 - December 22

Winter 2023:  January 9 - March 16

Spring 2023:  April 10 - June 15

*Note:  Some teens may choose to attend a traditional school in September, before the end of our Summer Session.  Advisors will help teens navigate this transition by continuing to check in daily.  Teens in school will be invited to a weekly group Advisory in the evening as well as Exhibition Night.


Daily Schedule

TreeFort is open Monday - Thursday from 9am-4pm.  Each teen works with their Advisor to create a daily schedule that works for them.  Teens always have access to the following structured activities each day:

9-10am:  Advisory

10am-12pm:  Projects

12-1pm:  Lunch

1-3pm:  Classes*, Tutorials, and Independent Study

3-4pm:  Advisory

*Scroll down to see our Summer 2022 class schedule!



TreeFort teens come to the center when it works for them and their families.  Some come every day and some come sporadically.  Regardless of whether they are physically present, Advisors check in with teens each day and with families at least once per week.

When teens are not at TreeFort, they may be attending classes in other locations, completing projects at home, or working at an internship, job, or hobby.  Advisors help coordinate all these experiences into an integrated educational journey.



While TreeFort has a general daily schedule to provide structure, we understand that it may not fit the needs of every learner on any given day. While at our center, TreeFort Teens are always free to:

  • chill out in the quiet room

  • eat in the kitchen

  • work independently in the computer lab

  • be present but not participating

Calendar: Resources

Summer 2022 Afternoon Classes


1-2:  Engineering

2-3:  Screen Writing


1-2:  Tabletop Games

2-3:  Costume Design


1-2:  Chemistry

2-3:  Set Design


1-2:  Coding

2-3:  Acting

Calendar: Text
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